• Honouring Your Crown

  • Our Steam Queens are experts trained in Trichology, ready to tend to your scalp and hair care needs at The Steam Bar Pop-Up Salon.

Steam Queens

From the moment you step into The Steam Bar, our Queens are at your service. Professional and welcoming, they are here to guide you along your scalp and hair journey, regardless of whether you need a treatment, bi-weekly appointments or comprehensive guidance. In their skilled hands, you’ll be able to relax, unwind and feel the weight lift off your shoulders, knowing you’re in a trusted, safe and transforming space. With our Steam Queens, you are seen, you belong and you deserve.

Meet Our Steam Queens

Our Steam Queens know and understand your profoundly personal relationship with your crown, be it an intense treatment or just styling, they are the best in the industry for nurturing your scalp and hair. They have undergone training with none other than leading UK trichologist Iain Sallis. Under his tailored programme, our Steam Queens have exceptional knowledge of the psychology of afro, curly and coily hair. Alongside their incredible insight into the intricate structure and health of natural and textured hair, our Queens are equipped to identify and advise on inflamed, dry, stressed and irritated scalps and overall hair health. Our Steam Queens can help distinguish and transform your crown, they are here to educate, celebrate and elevate.

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