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  • We are here to encourage, uplift and nourish the scalp and hair experience for all natural and textured crowns.

Why does The Steam Bar exist?

We are born from a desire to create a premium brand that prioritises scalp and hair heath above all else. We shower the scalp with the love and create a nourishing environment for your scalp and hair to flourish. In our hands, natural and textured hair is not only understood but empowered and nurtured.

The Steam Bar Experience

We believe that all natural and textured hair is magnificent, which is why it is crucial to provide the scalp and hair the love and care they deserve. The Steam Bar has curated an elevated salon and at-home experience with skin-care infused products and accessories that enhance your washing ritual. Our products come in malachite-inspired packaging, a stone known for its therapeutic and healing properties.

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The Art of Steaming

Your sacred treasure – we believe steaming lies at the heart of healthy and flourishing hair. Without the moist heat, natural and textured hair increases its chances of hair damage, thinning and breakage. Transforming your tresses, our steam treatments purify, revitalise, and infuse your scalp with vital nutrients, leading to a healthy-functioning scalp and hair.

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Get to know the founder

For Judy Koloko, hair signifies self-expression, and over the years, she has rocked wigs, weaves and relaxers in all colours and styles. Yet it wasn’t until she noticed her thinning hairline and traction alopecia that Koloko saw the focus was on her haircare instead of scalpcare – a concern, through endless conversations, that Koloko noted many others had also experienced. Turning to the salons and products on the market, Koloko recognised there wasn’t only a lack of salon spaces dedicated to nurturing natural and textured crowns in its entirety but an at-home wash day routine, too. She founded The Steam Bar to change the narrative for all with natural and textured hair. This luxurious brand places scalpcare above all else, focusing on scalp skinification and steaming. The Steam Bar is an elevated salon and at-home environment for every crown to thrive.

A letter from the founder

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