Looking back on the last year and seeing our community blossom and you all discovering the product offerings that we had poured our hearts into, finally in your hands, meant the world to us. With the exciting New Year energy ringing in the air, we can’t wait to see every crown thrive and flourish. So, to help you on that journey, we’ve curated 2024’s hair and scalp ins and outs. That’s right; we’re saying hello to refined scalp care and skinification, waving goodbye to complicated routines and skipping out on our steaming routines.

Trust us: 2024 is the year for your healthiest scalp and hair.

 Scalp and Hair Ins:

 Smarter Scalp Care - Scalp care is more than introducing an abrasive scalp scrub; it requires using tailored products formulated to transform your scalp’s microbiome. Add The Scalp Saviour Mask and The Scalp Serum into your wash and haircare routine to invigorate, rebalance and hydrate your scalp.

 Targeted Scalp Care Ingredients - Just like skincare, many ingredients are dedicated to nurturing your scalp. A few formulated within our offering include pink berry to relieve itching and soothe irritation, carrot oil (loaded with vitamins A and E) to strengthen hair fibers, hydrating hydrolysed hyaluronic acid and antioxidants to prompt circulation and promote hair growth.

 Paying Attention to Your Scalp Microbiome - Finding balance is key for a healthy scalp overall. Try treating your scalp with our cleansing (not stripping) and moisturising Scalp Shampoo and our nourishing Super Conditioner, made with potent active ingredients to restore and balance your scalp’s microbiome and prevent dryness, irritation, or sensitivity.


Scalp and Hair Outs:

 Overcomplicated Haircare Routines - Exposing your scalp and hair to too many products can cause an onslaught of concerns you can easily avoid. Focus on a routine prioritising cleansing, conditioning, treating, and steaming your scalp and hair. Simplicity is key.

 Skipping Steaming Routines - There’s a reason why the art of steaming is a vital part of our hair health philosophy– it creates the perfect environment for both your scalp and hair to repair and rebuild itself. In 2024, coupled with The Scalp Saviour Mask, our Steaming Cap is the at-home  treatment you deserve every wash day.

 Harmful Hot Tools - As much as we nurture our hair during wash day, implementing hot tools that don’t sizzle our ends and fry our hair is equally important when styling. We’ve got our eyes on GHD's new styling tool launching Feb 1st and the cult-classic Dyson Airwrap, made to  help hair vs harm it.

 Hard Water - Hard water affects our hair and scalp because it leaves more mineral build-up than we would like, causing dull and dry tresses. Try a shower filter to minimise miner


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