If you read our last newsletter you’ll clearly see that Summer is firmly on our mind. We’ve got the hotels and flights booked, bathing suits on lock and now we’re thinking about those key ways to ensure our hair is also looking its best.

With this in mind we pulled aside one of our head Steam Queens, Lauralyn to share some of her key tips for maintaining and nourishing curly and afro hair come Sea on Sun.

Her first pointer was to make sure you pack your leave-in conditioner, especially if your hair is chemically processed as it’s more prone to become drier in extensive heat or salt water. A small amount to the mid-lengths to ends after you’ve been at the beach or in water should help give your hair that additional moisture needed. Likewise apply if your hair is in its natural state as extensive heat can lead to dryness that causes tangles and split ends. Leave-in conditioners help smooth out cuticles to reduce the look of split ends. 

Also, be sure to pack your bonnet or silk pillowcase because, hair when exposed to prolonged heat will frizz. Satin/silk lined bonnets or pillowcases help the hair to retain moisture and smoothen the outer cuticle preventing tangles and knots.  

Another product to pack is your heat protectant! See it as your SPF for your hair. They’re formulated to protect your hair from heat damage and this can come in the form of UVB rays too.

If you’re not so keen to have your natural hair out during your Summer holiday then protective styling is a great option. Medium to large box braids or twists and cornrows are versatile and allow you to easily care for your scalp, which should be given some extra attention in the sun as it will be sweating and may experience irritation from Chlorine or saltwater.

A light rinse of the scalp in the shower followed by our Scalp Serum will help keep your scalp balanced and healthy as it is formulated with skin loving ingredients that hydrate the scalp, strengthen its microbiome and provide protection.


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